Ol’ga Blazhevich as the First Professional Scriptwriter in the Russian Empire?

​​Reconstructing a “Cine-literary” Biography


  • Ekaterina Artemeva Sorbonne Nouvelle University Paris 3, University of Lausanne
  • Maria Nesterenko Publishing house “Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie”




Olga Blazhevich, Aleksandr Khanzhonkov, early cinema, cinema of the Russian Empire, female screenwriter, biography, Gaumont, Russophone filmmakers abroad


The article explores the cinematic career of Olga Blazhevich, who was one of the most prolific women screenwriters of early cinema in the Russian Empire.  Blazhevich was not only a screenwriter, but a cinéaste of many talents: she wrote script librettos, chaired the literary department in Khanzhonkov’s production company, edited and translated foreign films for Trans-Atlantic, Éclair and Gaumont, and launched her own film distribution firm. Neither the October revolution nor emigration interrupted her “cine-literary” career (she coined this neologism): after having worked at the Goskino as an editor and translator, Olga Blazhevich left for Paris and joined the Russophone film community. The authors’ aim is to reconstruct a detailed trajectory of Olga Blazhevich’s life and work, as well as to contextualise her place within early cinema.

Olga Blazevich, 1926



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Artemeva, Ekaterina, and Maria Nesterenko. 2023. “Ol’ga Blazhevich As the First Professional Scriptwriter in the Russian Empire? ​​Reconstructing a ‘Cine-literary’ Biography”. Apparatus. Film, Media and Digital Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe, no. 16 (December). https://doi.org/10.17892/app.2023.00016.262.

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