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Apparatus is a peer-reviewed academic journal in open access dealing with film, media and digital cultures of Eastern, Central and South-Eastern Europe ­–­ current and historical.


January 2024 Newsletter


Dear Readers and Authors,

Happy New Year! As we continue our scholarly journey, we reflect on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and reaffirm our commitment to unbiased, free exchange of knowledge in film and media studies.

2023 Highlights

  • Publication of Issue No. 16: "The Haunted Medium II: Moving Images in the Russian Empire," edited by Rachel Morley, Natascha Drubek, Oksana Chefranova, and Denise J. Youngblood. Read more
  • Publication of Issue No. 17: "Decolonising the (Post-) Soviet Screen I," edited by Heleen Gerritsen.  Read more
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No. 18 (2024): Decolonising the (Post-)Soviet Screen II
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